Fresh Ingredients Make Delicious Pizzas


Everybody loves pizza, especially when it’s created from freshly made dough and topped with premium quality meats, garden-fresh vegetables, delicious cheese and our homemade tomato sauce. We take enormous care to source all our ingredients from reputable suppliers, ensuring the pizza we serve is packed with produce used when it’s in in peak condition. Our tempting recipes are carefully seasoned using our special blends of herbs and spices, producing one of the best pizza tastes you’ll find in the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area.


Splitting the Check with Friends


To avoid any conflict, talk openly with your friends about sharing the bill as early as possible. Then, at the restaurant, ask the server if he or she can provide your party with separate checks. Even if the restaurant does not provide this option, asking this question will show everyone that you are only willing to pay for your portion. However, this approach only works if everyone hears your conversation with the server. If you haven’t had a chance to chat yet about splitting the bill, find a subtle way to ask your guests to split the bill when it arrives. For example, when the bill is placed on the table, ask your friends how they would like to pay for their meals. The timing of this approach lets your friends know that you are not overly anxious about splitting the bill, while clearly stating that everyone is responsible for paying for their meals. If necessary, offer some suggestions for how the group can split the bill. It’s entirely possible that some friends didn’t bring cash, and might want to charge their share of the meal to a credit or debit card. If the group’s meals are charged to one friend’s credit card, make sure to pay him for your entire meal, including tip. If trying to split the combined bill becomes too cumbersome, it isn’t too late to ask the server to split the bill even if the bill has already been totaled and printed.